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How the Affordable Care Act is Changing the Landscape of Diabetes

It is certainly a new world.  As a result of healthcare reform the landscape of diabetes care has forever been altered.  The practicing clinician, patient and healthcare administrators all need to have a firm grasp of these new realities if they wish to prosper now and into the future.  In this blog post I intend to provide a high level overview of the different ways that diabetes care is affected in this brave new world.
·       Insurance coverage – patients will now be provided expanded insurance

A Partnership to Optimize Patient Health in Diabetes

There is almost no other disease as pervasive as type 2 diabetes, a disease that has touched almost every family in America. Although there was a time when we had limited management tools, we now have ten classes of medications plus many kinds of insulin available as options.  The result is a choice of many treatment combinations, which, however welcome, can also be overwhelming for the practicing physician. With so many choices it becomes very hard to decide what comes after metformin.