Statins and risk of incident diabetes: a collaborative meta-analysis of randomised statin trials.

Sattar, Naveed; Preiss, David; Murray, Heather M; Welsh, Paul; Buckley, Brendan M; de Craen, Anton J M; Seshasai, Sreenivasa Rao Kondapally; McMurray, John J; Freeman, Dilys J; Jukema, J Wouter; Macfarlane, Peter W; Packard, Chris J; Stott, David J; Weste
Lancet; 2010 Feb 27;375(9716):735-42. PMID: 20167359
British Heart Foundation Glasgow Cardiovascular Research Centre, University of Glasgow, Glasgow, UK.


Trials of statin therapy have had conflicting findings on the risk of development of diabetes mellitus in patients given statins. We aimed to establish by a meta-analysis of published and unpublished data whether any relation exists between statin use and development of diabetes.