Bariatric surgery and prevention of type 2 diabetes in Swedish obese subjects.

Carlsson, Lena M S; Peltonen, Markku; Ahlin, Sofie; Anveden, Åsa; Bouchard, Claude; Carlsson, Björn; Jacobson, Peter; Lönroth, Hans; Maglio, Cristina; Näslund, Ingmar; Pirazzi, Carlo; Romeo, Stefano; Sjöholm, Kajsa; Sjöström, Elisabeth; Wedel, Hans; Svens
The New England journal of medicine; 2012 Aug 23;367(8):695-704. PMID: 22913680
Institute of Medicine, Sahlgrenska Academy at the University of Gothenburg, Gothenburg, Sweden.


Weight loss protects against type 2 diabetes but is hard to maintain with behavioral modification alone. In an analysis of data from a nonrandomized, prospective, controlled study, we examined the effects of bariatric surgery on the prevention of type 2 diabetes.