Editorial Contributor

Eugene Wright, Jr., MD

General Internist

Medical Director, Primary Care and Specialty Practices
Cape Fear Valley Health System, Fayetteville, NC

Dr. Wright is a native of Wilmington, NC. He attended Princeton University and received a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering. He decided to pursue a career in medicine while working with a physician on a project in the South Bronx, NY, as a junior in college. After working for a year as an Electrical Engineer in Raleigh, NC, Dr. Wright attended Duke University Medical School where he graduated and completed an internal medicine residency.

After his medical residency, Dr. Wright moved to Fayetteville, NC in 1981 to set up solo practice. In 1995, he left practice to work as a medical director for Integrated Provider Networks, a for-profit physician practice management company. In 1996, he joined the general medicine faculty at Duke to take over the practice of Dr. Charles Johnson, who was retiring. Dr. Johnson was the first African-American physician on the faculty at Duke and was a mentor while Dr. Wright was a medical student and resident.

After practicing and teaching at Duke for four years, Dr. Wright returned to Fayetteville as the medical director for Primary Care and Specialty Practices of Cape Fear Valley Health Systems. Fayetteville is the sixth largest metropolitan area in North Carolina and the most ethnically diverse community in the state. It is home to both Fort Bragg and The JFK Special Operations Command. Dr. Wright’s primary areas of responsibility are to oversee the financial and operational concerns of several primary care and specialty practices with 65 providers.

Dr. Wright has limited his practice to working with the practitioners of the diabetes center and at a local free clinic operated through Catholic Charities.

He has served on several advisory boards, editorial boards and was a steering committee member for the first Insulin Congress, an educational convention solely devoted to insulin. Through his years of practice, Dr. Wright has found diabetes to be a most interesting and challenging illness to treat.